Foundation Fund: Historical aviation of the Czechoslovak Republic (HAF)

The Foundation Fund works to promote and as a medium of informing and educating the public on the important role of Czech Aviation. Its aim is to inspire students undergoing flight training and become career officers, to inspire young people to develop an interest in Aviation, to serve as a philanthropic corporation in assisting the development and expansion of the facilities – replicas of historical aircrafts.
Our vision is to “Honor the Past and Inspire the Future.

Who we are

The purpose for establishing of the Foundation Fund: Historical aviation of the Czechoslovak Republic (HAF)

  • Supporting activities related to awareness of aviation, aeronautical and aerospace history mainly on the territory of former Czechoslovakia
  • The implementation of projects for the restoration or production of functional replicas of historical aircrafts, their testing and their long-term operation. Keep for the future equipment for the renovation, production and operation of aircrafts, co-operation on projects necessary for obtaining special technologies, relevant documentation and special know-how
  • Supporting research and education programs, publishing activities and documentation on the history of aviation, particularly on the territory of Czechoslovakia
  • Promotion and presentation of aviation history in the form of events for the public (seminars, workshops, exhibitions, aviation days, sessions, contest and other aviation events) in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Cooperation with entities similarly focused on aviation history, aerospace and aeronautic, and sharing activity outcomes

Foundation Fund structure

Board of Directors

Chairman of the BoardLucie Černá
Member of the BoardDavid Holubec
Member of the BoardJan Hutira
Member of the BoardJiří Janovský

Supervisory Board

Chairman of the Supervisory BoardMichal Geist
Member of the Supervisory BoardJaromír Šebesta
Member of the Supervisory BoardMartina Jankovská

How to be a donor


Ways to give

Fund Account number:
Česká spořitelna, a.s. 7601482/0800

The procedure is as follows

  • Establish a standing order in favour of the Fund. Sending a financial donation to the account of Fund
  • Request for contract template here


We will present to projects through the HAF.

Making a functional replica of the Aero A-1 historical aircraft

The first project in the production of functional replica is the Aero A-1 plane. It is the first airplane produced in Czechoslovakia in 1919. It was manufactured according to the Austrian Hans-Brandenburg B-I aircraft from 1914.



Make a donation

The HAF relies on the generosity and support of corporate and individual donors. Donations and contributions may be provided on the basis of a written resources of the agreement. The donation agreement may specify the purpose for which the resources of the Foundation fund will be provided, otherwise any of the purposes set out in Article III of the Statute of the HAF shall be taxatively defined.

 › Request for the agreement template here

How to receive the resources from the HUF

The donation is governed by the conditions for the granting of contributions from the assets of the foundation fund and the governing board of the foundation fund decides on it. The founding charter of the HAF.

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Annual Report

An overview of the management of the HAF is available in the annual reports for each financial period.

› Download Annual Report for 2017 here.


The headquarters of the HAF

Historical Aviation Foundation of Czechoslovakia is registered in the Foundation Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section N, Insert 1566.

Fund Headquarter:
Tiskarska 270/8
108 00 Prague 10
Business ID No.: 06653499

Bank connection

HAF account No.:
Česká spořitelna, a.s. 7601482/0800


Gabriela Cahova
Tiskarska 270/8
108 00 Prague 10
Tel.: +420 296 505 445